How To Repair or Replace Teak Wood Decking On A Boat

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In this video I will replace the teak wood decking on the sailboat “Camelot”. The old fake teak veneer has began to deteriorate. See photos of the work here:…


joker5231ace says:

nice job :-)

dburchett1111 says:

after hearing him for less then 6 secs I like this guy :)

Butch Petty says:

It’s in the video at 8 minutes.

Butch Petty says:

Don’t let the caulk dry. Pull up as soon as possible.

Butch Petty says:

Tape on the glass would be good. On the wood it doesn’t really matter as
you are going to sand level anyway. Thanks.

bakermonitor1932 says:

what caulk are you useing?

mmanut says:

Put high grade tape on the fiberglass hull for the caulking around the
edges. Put tape down, caulk around the edges then pull tape after about one
hour. You can also use tape on the teak to keep the mess to a minimum,
makes easy sanding and does a much better job.

riccootube says:

Good job skipper !!

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